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Claire Cottrill better known as Clairo was born in Boston, Massachusetts on August 18, 1998.

She released her first EP, “Do U Wanna Fall In Love?” in December 2014. She released more EPs in 2015 including “Aquarius Boy”, “Late Show”, “Have a Nice Day”, and “Moth Girl”.

She gained popularity when one of her videos “Pretty Girl” went viral in 2017. The song was also included in The Le Sigh, Vol. 3, a Father/Daughter Records cassette compilation.

Her follow-up “Flaming Hot Cheetos” was also popular, raking in millions of views on YouTube. She collaborated with Deaton Chris Anthony, Ashwin Torke, and Burns Twins in the single “4EVER.”

In 2018, she released the EP diary 001 which contained six tracks including “Hello?” featuring Rejjie Snow and B.O.M.D. featuring Danny L Harle. “Pretty Girl,” “4EVER,” and “Flaming Hot Cheetos” were also included in the EP.

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