Brohug is a Swedish DJ and producer trio formed in Stockholm, Sweden. The members of the trio are Christopher Lunde, John Dahlback, and Niklas Lunde. The three members became friends and started collaborating. They eventually formed the group Brohug. The genres of music they produce is bass house, future house, tech house, deep house, and brohouse. Brohug released their debut single in 2016 titled “In the Morning” with the label Confession. They have since released the singles “Boogieman”, “In My Hand”, “The Hunt”, “Be Somebody”, “Charlie”, “My Place”, “Fun”, “Rush”, and “Dust.” They have also released a number of remixes. In 2017 a two song EP of Brohug was released by Dim Mak, titled Giggle Juice. In 2018 they released the EP titled Swag/Vamos. They have worked with the labels Spinnin’, Confession, Musical Freedom, Dim Mak, Heldeep, and Good Enuff.