Ben UFO, born Ben Thomson, is a DJ, electronic music producer, and label head based out of London, England. Together with Pearson Sound/ Ramadanman, born David Kennedy, and Pangaea, born Kevin McAuley, he founded the label Hessle Audio in 2007. Ben is known for fusing eclectic genres of music together, such as dubstep, house, garage, grime and old school hip-hop. As a DJ Ben began releasing music in 2010 with his first podcast mix compilation entitled RA.238 on the label Resident Advisor. In 2011 he released his first studio mix album called Rinse: 16 on the label Rinse Recordings. Ben UFO has gone on to release a combination of over 14 EP’s, single, and albums since 2010. He was ranked at number 35 on a Resident Advisor’s reader’s poll. He regularly hosts a radio spot on Rinse FM from 9pm- 11pm.