Allana Davison

Allana Davison is a Canadian YouTuber born in Calgary, Canada on August 11, 1993. In 2011 she started college at the University of Calgary to get a Bachelors in communication and media studies. She worked in retail for some time at the cosmetic store MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist. In 2013 she started her YouTube channel self-named Allana Davison and posts videos about beauty, fashion, and vlogs about her lifestyle. She posted her first video on the channel on April 8, 2014 titled PERFECT PALETTE TAG. She has amassed a following on YouTube of almost 600k subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 55 million times. Her most popular video on the channel is HOW TO LOOK GOOD IN 5 MINUTES that has 2.3 million views on it. She also has a large following on social media with over 220k followers on Instagram and 23k followers on Twitter.