Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau


Alwin Lopez “Al” Jarreau was born on March 12, 1940 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Warner Bros. Records noticed him in 1975 when he was working with fellow musician Tom Canning. In February of 1976, he appeared on Saturday Night Live and soon after released his album We Got By. This album won him an Echo award, as did his subsequent album titled Glow. In 1978, Jarreau won his first Grammy Award for his album Look To The Rainbow.

Jarreau’s most popular album is probably Breakin’ Away, which he released in 1981. He also worked on the tune We Are The World, which was a collaboration of many different artists. He composed the songs for the 1980’s television show Moonlighting, which he also won a Grammy Award for. He passed away on February 12, 2017. In total, he had won seven Grammy Awards and been nominated for an additional twelve.

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